If you need to better know technical guidelines about plastics materials, we can help you. Thanks to our long-time-experience, our well-prepared staff and our passion, we can follow you step by step, giving you all the assistance you need.

In fact, thermoplastics materials are still nowadays less known than what they would deserve to. Moreover, also machining on thermoplastics materials are often misunderstood, treated as metal, but we all know that it is not possible.

So, do not worry, we are here to help you.


Technical Guidelines Plastics Materials: choose the correct material.

When you are studying a new application, choosing the right material could make the difference between a failure and a win situation. Do you need a stiff material? Should it resist to high temperature? Or you just need a low friction / wear coefficient? What if that material has a high thermal expansion?

Have you ever been in such a situation?

D.H. Lamina can offer technical assistance and support you during this delicate phase. We are able to drive you through the hundreds of plastic materials on the market and let you make the right decision.


Technical Guidelines Plastics Materials: drawing and tolerances.

Each material needs its specific machining and each machining has its own limits and possibilities. When projecting a new component, just ask us which machining is possible and which not, or just if a small change on drawing could avoid a very expansive machining and let you save time and money.

Then, are you aware about different tolerances possibilities on different materials and on different machining? We are able to drive you through this difficult choice and also in this case, let you avoid useless costs.


Technical Guidelines Plastics Materials: payload calculation and certifications.

Our engineers are also available to calculate with your technical team payload of rollers, sheaves and each application in general. This is very common in Construction Industry, for example for cranes, earth moving machines, etc.

In addition to that, certifications are something very difficult to follow and also to understand. Are you a small-medium company and do you need more specific information about the certification you need on plastic components that you will assemble in your machine? Do not worry! Just ask us for more information.


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