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About Us

Plastic as idea, quality as constant.


Supply security, quality, cost, technology and sustainability. These are the main values which lead D.H Lamina, an Italian producer of finished components made of engineering plastic materials, through its everyday work.

  • Supply securityis our first priority. There is no success without product and there is no product without a reliable supply chain which assure you the right component when you need it.
  • Qualityis a constant research. It is the result of commitment, passion and expertise which reflects on services and products.
  • Costis our everyday companion. Sometimes too much, sometimes too little but always studied to assure you the best quotation on the market.
  • Technologyis the fundamental that drives our production activities. It is the instrument that guarantees supply security, quality and cost.
  • Sustainability represents our present. When world goes against plastic, we machine it to enhance it.

D.H. Lamina’s Story

A lot of time has passed since when plastic materials were only a cheap and unknown solution, and D.H. Lamina, with its 40-years-history, has always been there. We have been seeing all evolutions, lived every changes and defeat every difficult time.

But let’s start from the beginning.

It was 1982.

While in Spain FIFA World Cup was taking place and Italy attested as Champion, in Rezzato, a small town not far from Brescia, Officine Meccaniche Danesi Guglielmo was just born. Since the beginning, the core business of the company has been supplying plastic parts for Steel Industry. During those years, replacing metal parts with plastic parts was innovative and thanks to Cast Polyamide, more and more companies asked for the competence and capacity of our production.

It was 1989.

The entire world was approaching to a new flourish era: Berlin Wall was just been destroyed. During the same year we lived one of our most important changes: Officine Meccaniche Danesi Guglielmo were just become D.H. Lamina. Trying to satisfy more and more customers, who always looked for a more specialized partner on ended parts in plastic materials we decided to improve machineries number and also specialize in more diversified industries, such as automotive, construction, material handling, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and many more.

It was 2004

Games of the XXVIII Olympiad came back to their home: Athene. It was also a very important year for our reality: Danesi Family decided to grow again, changing building and move to a new establishment in Molinetto di Mazzano, which is still nowadays our home.

It was 2018.

At the age of twenty, Filippo Tortu became the Italian record holder in the 100 meters; previous holder was Pietro Mennea, who detained the title since 1979. In the same year, showing an effort as great as to overcome a new record, D.H. Lamina enhance its quality too. After years, spent improving system and organization, in February 2017 we decided to begin a process, which ended in March 2018 with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. This step was absolutely necessary to guarantee a constant quality to all the customers, suppliers and also employees.

It was 2020

While COVID-19 was changing our everyday life and work, D.H. Lamina decided that it was the right moment to change again. A new production plant started to operate increasing our capability; moreover all our machines have been linked to MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Less than one year after we integrated our quality system to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


D.H Lamina is a Family Company driven by passion and experience in plastic materials. Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ requests and bring them to success, creating a win-win scenario. Our motto “Plastic as Idea, Quality as Constant” is our everyday companion: Plastic to reduce costs and empower the entire system; Quality as unique religion. All these things linked with an International Mind: not just an Italian Company but a Worldwide component supplier, never stop learning from other ideas and always going the extra mile.

Quality ratio99%
Customer satisfation90%
Italian market65%

Important Static

Statics are the first picture of Company. Here below we would like to underline some important data.

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