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Pharma & Medical

Every safety matters. But this matters more.
machined plastic for pharma and medical

Machined plastic for: Pharma & Medical

According our long-time experience there are only few things that we consider really important for our lives and we are glad to affirm that we are supplier of plastic components for pharma and medical industry. We supply machined plastic for Pharma and Medical industry.

Modern circumstances taught us that investing on pharma and medical is never enough and, with the capacity of a small medium size company, as we are, we consider fundamental earmark part of our production to plastic components addressed to this market sector.



Liquid filling machines, washing and sterilizing, ampoules filling and sealing, vials filling and capping, nested syringe filling and stoppering, syringes handling and assembling. We can provide plastic components based on your drawings for all these machineries, certified FDA and machined according Good Manufacturing Practices.


Non-injectable liquid filling, air cleaner and blowing, filling and capping, sachet filling and closing, stickpack filling and closing. Plastic milled and turned parts with tight tolerances and great precision.


Inspection for glass and plastic containers, leak test. Inspection machines play a crucial role on the entire chain; so it is absolutely important that all their parts satisfy high quality standard levels.

Solid and powder

Strip packing, filling and closing. When it comes about processing thousands of solid pharma per minute, no weak points are allowed. Our plastic milled and turned parts have no weak points.  

Why using Engineering plastic materials for Pharma & Medical?

Most of plastics are inhert and can be appropriately used in various scenarios. In addition to that plastic milled and turned parts that we can supply can assure great chemical resistance, which is absolutely important in most medical and pharma environments. Depending on the final scope our components boast amazing wear resistance and interesting friction properties. Thank to our expertise great surface quality can be reached, to guarantee a good aesthetic.

Thermoplastic materials for Pharma & Medical

Portfolio: machined parts for Pharma & Medical

Why working with D.H. Lamina for your plastic parts for Pharma & Medical

D.H. Lamina aims to be a lighthouse in the dark ocean of plastic materials.

A production company who can offer a full range of machining, to assure you just a unique speaker.

A wide range of semi-finished materials, made in EU, with superior quality when it comes about friction, wear, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, to satisfy your wish to be the best.

A young but experienced team, always at your disposal: sales, purchasing, financial and technical assistance, you’ll never walk alone.

When it comes about pharma and medical there is nothing that comes first. Our passion, experience and know-how are oriented to assure best customer journey.

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