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REG. UHMW-PE (Regenerated Polyethylene Ultra-High Molecular Weight)

Regenerated Polyethylene, which call with acronym REG UHMW-PE, is a good solution for who is looking for a cheap material for industrial components without technical characteristics.



Regenerated Polyethylene has a density of 0,93 g/cm3 and a molecular weight which goes from 3.000.000 to 4.000.000 mol/g.. Mechanical characteristics are consistently lower than any other PE, for this is reason it usually consider as an economical solution.

An interesting issue of REG UHMW-PE is that it could be antistatic when black in colour.

We remind that antistatic plastic materials, with a surface resistance between 106 and 109 Ohm, avoid static charges in order to protect from electrostatic discharges. This function helps to improve safety where required.

Thanks to this characteristic, REG UHMW-PE is an interesting solution for electric industry, with great advantages and cheap prices.


Chemical resistance.

REG UHMW-PE, with minimum 40% of virgin material, offers same chemical resistance of PE.

So, it is resistant to acids, alkaline solutions, salts and salt solutions, alcohols, oils fats, waxes and many solvents. Aromatics and halogenated hydrocarbons cause swelling. All PE types are not resistant to strong oxidising materials (such as nitric acid, chromic acid or halogens) and there is a danger of stress corrosion cracking.


Miscellaneous information.

Regenerated Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is available in black and in green colour.

It could be required in confetti (multicoloured), but with a molecular weight of 500.000 mol/g; or black multicoloured with a molecular weight of 2.000.000 / 3.000.000 mol/g. Both solutions are not antistatic.


Regenerated Polyethylene most famous brand name.

Depending on which regenerated polyethylene you want to choose, we can offer

  • PROlen 3000 RCM;
  • PROlen confetti multi-coloured;
  • PROlen black multi-coloured;
  • Polystone® DR.


Regenerated Polyethyelene in few words.

Special properties:

  • Minimum 30 – 40 % new material;
  • Good wear resistance
  • Good sliding features
  • Antistatic in black (PROlen 3000 RCM);
  • Permanently UV-resistant in black;
  • Chemical resistance.

Used in:

  • General mechanical engineeering;
  • Conveyor and driving technology;
  • Packaging and beverage industry;
  • Assembly and automation technology;
  • Electrical industry.


  • Rollers;;
  • Component parts in general;
  • Sliding plates;
  • Stabiliser pads.