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Machined plastic for aerospace

Machined Plastic for: Aerospace

When the spotlight is on sustainability, D.H. Lamina is the best partner you can find to build your own ‘’green trail’’ with plastic materials, ad hoc studied for aerospace industry. Thanks to the various high performance plastic materials offered, we can develop the most appropriate solution for your interests and for our world. We supply machined plastic for aerospace. 


Aircrafts landing gear

Within the various number of components which constitute the landing gear set, you can find parts made of engineering plastic. Light weight, high temperature operation range, self-lubricating and vibration, chemical and wear resistant.

Braking system

One of the most difficult operation, landing. And it would be impossible without a great braking system. Also in this case high performance thermoplastic components can be found there.

Space industry

Missiles, rockets, satellites that orbit our earth, as well as other vehicles can count on components made of engineering plastic.

Aircraft interiors

Light weight and flame retardant. Safety begins from small details.

Why using Engineering plastic materials for Aerospace Industry?

Imagine yourself flying 10.000 meters above the sea. How much do you feel safe and comfortable sitting at your place close to the window? This condition is a result of hard studies and tests and plastic materials for aerospace have been playing a crucial role during this process.

Among the various number of components which constitute the aircraft lots of that are made of engineering plastics. With plastic materials a weight saving of up 60% compared to aluminium is achieved, it means less energy consumption and a general improvement of efficiency. And this only the beginning when it comes to consider the advantages of plastic materials in aerospace technology. Design freedom, flame retardant, chemical, wear and radiation resistance are other benefits shown.

Thermoplastic Materials for Aerospace Industry

Why working with D.H. Lamina for your plastic parts for Aerospace Industry

D.H. Lamina aims to be a lighthouse in the dark ocean of plastic materials.

A production company who can offer a full range of machining, to assure you just a unique speaker.

A wide range of semi-finished materials, made in EU, with superior quality when it comes about friction, wear, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, to satisfy your wish to be the best.

A young but experienced team, always at your disposal: sales, purchasing, financial and technical assistance, you’ll never walk alone.

When it comes about plastic parts for waste technology D.H Lamina is the perfect solution because links quality, knowledge and experience in this market sector, assuring the best performance for your machines.

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