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Waste Technology

Throwing away with intelligence.
Machined plastic for waste technology

Machined plastic for: Waste Technology

Cities are the mirror of the society. A well-organized city is the result of various combinations and waste management is one of the most important issue. In D.H. Lamina we supply a full range of components made of plastic materials for waste technology, to most important Italian and European producer. We supply machined plastic for waste technology. 

Waste technology requires economical and quality parts, with fast deliveries to assure the correct handling along our streets. So, it is crucial, for D.H. Lamina, to link a great service with convenient prices and superior quality.


Roll-off containers

Wear plates, rollers, bushings and skids in general are all components made of plastic materials that we can supply for this application.

Load systems

This kind of machines require components that assure good mechanical strength together with wear resistance and friction properties; in D.H. Lamina we can supply a huge range of plastic turned and milled parts that fit your exigencies.


Trying to keep clean the beaten paths is not easy. This is why sweepers require resistant components at economical prices to be able to change them frequently.


The huge amount of waste we produce creates a critical problem: volume. Fortunately thanks to always more efficient compactors waste volume is reduced to its minimum size. For all kind of compactors D.H. Lamina supplies the ad hoc plastic turned or milled part. 

Integrated system for computerization of waste collection

 On the other side if you don’t like curbside collection, traditional waste management is still well developed in various locations. These new storages are now computerized and require mechanical components for the automation and electrical components for computerization. It means plastic components chemical resistant and also flame retardant.

Why using Engineering plastic materials for Waste Technology?

Among applications found on waste technology industry most common are guides and bushing which require superior abrasion resistance. Otherwise in integrated and automated system for waste storage, plastic materials must assure low flammability (UL94 V0) and resistance to almost all chemicals.

All these things considered, also in this case, the producer is obliged to choose between a wide range of materials and D.H. Lamina is available to help you to take the right decision.

Thermoplastic materials for Waste Technology

Portfolio: machined parts for Waste Techology

Why working with D.H. Lamina for your plastic parts for Waste Technology

D.H. Lamina aims to be a lighthouse in the dark ocean of plastic materials.

A production company who can offer a full range of machining, to assure you just a unique speaker.

A wide range of semi-finished materials, made in EU, with superior quality when it comes about friction, wear, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, to satisfy your wish to be the best.

A young but experienced team, always at your disposal: sales, purchasing, financial and technical assistance, you’ll never walk alone.

When it comes about plastic parts for waste technology D.H Lamina is the perfect solution because links quality, knowledge and experience in this market sector, assuring the best performance for your machines.

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