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Plastic gears for every use.

Plastic toothing

Between the huge range of machining services that we can assure in D.H. Lamina, plastic gear toothing is another service which our customers can count on. But what we supply? We supply plastic gears, rotating circular components with cut teeth, which mesh with others toothed parts to transmit torque.

Our experience can help you designing the correct shape, with ad hoc tolerances and the most suitable material for your applications. The production of your parts will be carried out with passion and precision, to always assure a quality product that will reduce maintenance, will damp noises and increase machine lifetime.

Plastic Gear toothing: feasible machining

Plastic gear toothing is a complex and delicate topic. In fact, thermoplastics are usually unsuitable for high performance gears for transmitting high power. Although that, for some specifical applications, thermoplastics are the greatest option, giving you lots of advantages. In D.H. Lamina we can supply a full range of gears, thanks to our outsourcing collaborations or inside advanced tools. Whether in emergency situations and standard supplies you can count on:

Spur toothing. Spur gears are a type of cylindrical gear, with shafts that are parallel and coplanar, and teeth that are straight and oriented parallel to the shafts. They’re arguably the simplest and most common type of gear – easy to manufacture and suitable for a wide range of applications. In D.H. Lamina we can supply a huge range of spur plastic gears;

Helical toothing. More complex than spur gears, we can also supply plastic helical gears. The helical toothing allows the teeth to mesh gradually which results in a smoother transmission of forces so that vibrations and noise are further reduced.

Internal and external toothing. No matter which application or component you desire, in D.H. Lamina we can supply internal and / or external toothing, for a complete range of plastic gears;

Racks. Plastic racks, with spur or helical toothing, made of thermoplastics are often a suitable solutions and thanks to our expertise we can supply you a quality product;

Ad hoc toothing. Thanks to our advanced CNC machines, we can supply ad hoc plastic gears with almost every kind of toothing, even out of standard, depending on customer exigences. Some examples of these applications are toothed pulleys or gears for chains.

Dimensions are tightly linked to geometry and shape of the part, anyway we can supply gears:

From Ø10 mm. Very small gears, both machined or obtained through injection moulding process;

To Ø1000 mm and more. Depending on the shape of the part we can supply very big parts, to be evaluated with our technical department.

Modulus and number of teeth must be evaluated with our Technical Department.

Why working with D.H. Lamina for your plastic gears

D.H. Lamina aims to be a lighthouse in the dark ocean of plastic materials.

A production company who can offer a full range of machining, to assure you just a unique speaker.

A wide range of semi-finished materials, made in EU, with superior quality when it comes about friction, wear, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, to satisfy your wish to be the best.

A young but experienced team, always at your disposal: sales, purchasing, financial and technical assistance, you’ll never walk alone.

When it comes about toothing, mesh your exigences with our quality. Let our collaboration works as fluid as a system of plastic gears: no wear and no maintenance also after years of work together.  

Find out more surfing our website or contact our experts here.

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