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Thermoplastic Materials

A huge range of possibilities, for every need.
  • X-Ray detectable
  • ATEX compliant
  • High and low temperature resistant
  • Biocompatible
  • Sterisable and autoclavable
  • Food safe
  • Electrically insulative
  • Electrically conductive
  • Flame retardant
  • Good for friction
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant

Semi-finished thermoplastic materials, our products

Our warehouse can always count on a huge availability of semi-finished thermoplastic materials coming from the main producers in Austria, Germany, Italy (EU). Thanks to the huge purchased amount we place as one of the main Italian Thermoplastic consumer, with weekly incoming shipments and good purchasing prices which we reflect on our customers.

Semi-finished products are available in different shapes, such as plate, rod and tube. According customer’s need, we can count on specific department dedicated to cut-to-size service.

All our thermoplastic materials are premium quality semi-finished products and we can supply a huge variety of certifications (visit our Quality page to know more).

Semi-finished thermoplastics materials count a huge variety of trade names, given during the last year by the main producers. Those trade names generate confusion, misunderstanding and sometimes mistakes too. We are here to offer you the best service possible, help you to choose the correct one and for this reason, we utilise their name according DIN 7728-1:1988, PLASTICS – SYMBOLS AND CODES FOR POLYMERS AND THEIR SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS.

Thermoplastic materials: list.

We usually classify thermoplastic materials in families, such as PA / POM / PET, Special Performance Materials, High Performance Materials and others. To semplify your research we unified all of those in a unique table which you can find here below.

Each material is shown accoring its DIN name, the entire name description and group memberships. Each row links to semi-finished thermoplastic material own page, with its own technical datasheet, general description and main features.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts in case you are not finding what you are looking for or just for more technical information!

DIN 7728DescriptionGroup
PA6Polyamide 6PA
PA66Polyamide 66PA
PA6+MOS2Polyamide 6 + Molybdenum DisulphidePA
PA66+MOS2Polyamide 66 + Molybdenum DisulphidePA
PA66 GF30Polyamide 66 + 30% Glass FiberPA
PA66 + PEPolyamide 66 + Polyethylene PA
PA6GPolyamide 6 CastPA
PA6G+MOS2Polyamide 6 Cast + Molybdenum DisulphidePA
PA6G+OILPolyamide 6 Cast + OilPA
PA6G-SLPolyamide 6 Cast + Solid LubricantPA
PA6G FRPolyamide 6 Cast Flame RetardantPA
PA6G HSPolyamide 6 Cast Heat StabilizedPA
PA12GPolyamide 12 CastPA
HD-PEHigh-Density Polyethylene (300)PE
HMW-PEHigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (500)PE
UHUHMW-PEMW-PEUltra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (1000)PE
PE-UHMW ELSUltra-High Molecular Weigth Electroconductive PolyethylenePE
REG. UHMW-PERegenerated Ultra-High Molecular Weight PolyethylenePE
PEEKPolyether ether ketonePEEK
PEEK-SLPolyether ether ketone + Solid LubricantPEEK
PEEK CF30Polyether ether ketone + 30% Carbon fiberPEEK
PEEK GF30Polyether ether ketone +30% Glass FiberPEEK
PETPolyethylene terephthalatePET
PET-SLPolyethylene terephthalate + Solid Lubricant (PTFE)PET
POMCPolyoxymethylene CopolymerPOM
POMC SLPolyoxymethylene Copolymer + Polyethylene POM
POMHPolyoxymethilene HomopolymerPOM
POMH SLPolyoxymethylene Homopolymer + Solid Lubricant (PTFE)POM
POMC ELSPolyoxymethylene Copolymer ElectroconductivePOM
PTFE CG25Polytetrafluoroethylene + 25% Carbon-GraphitePTFE
PTFE BR60Polytetrafluoroethylene + 60% BronzePTFE
PTFE GF25Polytetrafluoroethylene + 25% Glass FiberPTFE
PTFE ELSPolytetrafluoroethylene ElectroconductivePTFE
PTFE TFMModified PolytetrafluoroethylenePTFE
PPSPolyphenylene Sulfide PPS
PPS GF40Polyphenylene Sulfide + 40% Glass FiberPPS
PPS-SLPolyphenylene Sulfide + Solid LubricantPPS
PPS GF SLPolyphenylene Sulfide + Glass Fibre + Solid LubricantPPS
PVDFPolyvinylidene fluoridePVDF
PP-HPolypropylene HomopolymerPP
PP-H ELSPolypropylene Homopolymer Electro ConductivePP
PVC-UPolyvinyl Chloride unplasticized (rigid)PVC
PMMAPolymethyl MethacrylatePMMA