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PA6G HS (Polyamide 6 Cast with Heat Stabilisers)

Polyamide 6 Cast Heat Stabilised, better known as PA6G HS, is primarily comparable to the standard quality. With the heat aging stabiliser it is better protected against thermal-oxidative degradation.



Heat (or thermal) stabilizers are mostly used on unstabilized materials which are particularly prone to thermal degradation. These agents minimize loss of HCl, a degradation process that starts above 70 ┬░C.

Thermal degradation of polymers refers to deterioration of polymeric molecules as a result of overheating. At high temperatures, the components of the long chain backbone of the polymer can break (chain scission) and react with one another to change the properties of the polymer.

Thermal degradation can present an upper limit to the service temperature of plastics as much as the possibility of mechanical property loss. Indeed, unless correctly prevented, significant thermal degradation can occur at temperatures much lower than those at which mechanical failure is likely to occur. The chemical reactions involved in thermal degradatind optical property changes relative to the initially specified properties. Thermal degradation generally involves changes to the molecular weight (and molecular weight distribution) of the polymer and typical property changes include reduced ductility and embrittlement, chalking, color changes, cracking, general reduction in most other desirable physical properties.

Thermal breakdown products may include a complex mixture of compounds, including but not limited to carbon monoxide, ammonia, aliphatic amines, ketones, nitriles, and hydrogen cyanide, which may be flammable, toxic and/or irritating.

The specific materials generated will vary depending on the additives and colorants used, specific temperature, time of exposure and other immediate environmental factors.

With our PA6G HS you can so improve your lifetime machine and avoid thermal degradation and all its consequences.


Chemical resistance.

PA6G HS shows the same chemical resistance as PA6G natural.


Miscellaneous information.

Polyamide 6 Cast with Heat Stabilisers is available only in black colour.


PA6G-HS most famous brand name.

PA6G HS is a special material and could require a minimum quantity order.

Most famous brand names are:

  • Linnotam┬« HS.


PA6G HS in few words.

Special properties:

  • Good resistance at higher temperature;
  • Lower thermal degradation.

Used in:

  • Transport;
  • Material handling;
  • Construction;
  • Automotive;
  • Offshore;
  • Steel Industry.


  • Bearings;
  • Wear plates;
  • Components subjet to medium-high temperatures.