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Construction: Cranes, Industrial Vehicles and Hoist Equipment

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Machined plastic for construction

Machined Plastic for Construction: Cranes, Industrial Vehicles and Hoist Equipment

If you are looking for an experienced and quality partner which can supply plastic materials for cranes, industrial vehicles and hoist equipment in general, you can trust D.H. Lamina. We supply machined plastic for construction. 

We can assert that the supply of these very important industrial sectors is, without any doubt, our core business. We will be able to support you whatever performance you want to achieve, with a full range of machining and materials.


Aerial work platforms

Imagine yourself working at 40 meters high and 30 meters far from the main platform. We are sure you will appreciate to be as stable as possible. Thanks to the components that we machine in plastic materials for cranes and industrial vehicles a superior quality is achieve and you will benefit of the entire range of characteristics indicate above.

Mobile, tower and offshore cranes

Cast polyamide for sheaves and bearing grade materials for boom arms. We can supply the full range of components for your machines.

Material Handlers

Job on the field does not allow any weak point. When it comes to move harsh materials you need to know that you can count on high wear resistance materials and we can supply everything you need.


Stable, strong and reliable. This is how your costumer will feel your machine equipped with our components. Pulleys, outrigger pads, skids, rollers and other components can be easily supplied by us.

Lifters and escalators

Safe, wear resistant and good for friction. Our materials and the quality of our machining assure the supply of first quality components. Pulleys made of PA6G YELLOW, or PA6G+OIL, or skid with modified material can be easily supplied.

Why using Engineering plastic materials for Construction: Cranes, Industrial Vehicles and Hoist Equipment?

There was a time, more than 30 years ago, when plastic materials were absolutely not considered in cranes, industrial vehicles and hoist equipment components design. Sheaves were made of cast iron as well as rollers and skids in general were made of metal. Nowadays, fortunately, thanks to more developed knowledge of plastic materials, things are changed. So, when it comes about pulleys, rollers or other components expected to be used in these sectors first choice goes to plastic materials.

But why using engineering plastic materials for cranes, industrial vehicles and hoist equipment in general?

Because they are much lighter compared to metal materials (8 times circa); this characteristic means less costs and less kilograms ( on rotatory movements centrifugal strengths are much less).

Because of their very good load capacity with the possibility to deform but not break (elasticity properties).

Because of an exhaustive possibility of design: semi-finished materials are available in a huge range of shapes and dimensions and big parts are possible too.

Because they are self-lubricated and this helps and improve maintenance during machine life.

Because of their very good wear resistance and pv ratio which avoid stick-slip effect.

In case of any question do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Thermoplastic materials for Construction: Cranes, Industrial Vehicles and Hoist Equipment

Portfolio: machined parts for Construction: Cranes, Industrial Vehicles and Hoist Equipment

Why working with D.H. Lamina for your plastic parts for cranes and industrial vehicle.

D.H. Lamina aims to be a lighthouse in the dark ocean of plastic materials.

A production company who can offer a full range of machining, to assure you just a unique speaker.

A wide range of semi-finished materials, made in EU, with superior quality when it comes about friction, wear, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties, to satisfy your wish to be the best.

A young but experienced team, always at your disposal: sales, purchasing, financial and technical assistance, you’ll never walk alone.

When it comes about cranes and industrial vehicles D.H. Lamina can supply a full range of components: sheaves, rollers, skids, washers, wear pads, outrigger pads, and if required already assembled with bearings, distance rings, bushings, grease nipples, and other components according costumer needs.

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