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PA66+PE (Extruded Polyamide 66 filled with Polyethylene)

Polyamide 66 filled with Polyethylene, better known as PA66+PE, is a very interisting extruded polyamide, used is construction equipment and available in light green colour.


This polyamide was developed for high demanding slip applications. The material is suitable for structural parts which must be resistant to the highest loading. PA66+PE
has first class tribological properties with a lower friction contribution, is resistant to wear and tear.

Compared to oil-filled cast polyamide this material has a lower slip-stick effect. This is a requirement for jerk-free slip which is particularly important in the case of cranes under load.

A further advantage is that less energy is required in order to put components in motion – such as telescopic extensions of cranes.

Furthermore, a reduction of this undesired effect leads to prolonging of material stability.

The good slide properties of PA66 PE can also be achieved even with high loading.

Chemical resistance.

About its chemical resistance, PA66+PE is comparable to PA66.

Miscellaneous information.

Our Polyamide 66 filled with Polyethylene is a special material, not always available and only in few dimensions, due to this reason we suggest to consider our standard PA6G-SL.

PA66+PE most famous brand name.

This Polyamide is available in rods and plates and it is produced by just few Companies.

We can machine for you:

  • Zellamid® 250 PE.

PA66+PE in few words.

Special properties:

  • High wear resistance;
  • Good sliding properties under high pressure;
  • Avoid slip-stick effect.

Used in:

  • Cranes;
  • Material Handing;
  • Construction;
  • Mining.


  • Sliding parts;
  • Wear components;
  • Gears.