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Engineering Plastic

The shape of future.

Low specific weight

Engineering plastics could be an alternative solution to metal components thanks to the possibility to reduce the weight. Starting from a specific weight of 0,98 g/cm3 of Polyethylene to 2,2 g/cm3 of PTFE engineering plastics results much lighter than the major part of alloys.

Balance of properties

A component made of engineering plastic benefits to different properties. Depending on material, shape and application, high load capacity, excellent sliding properties, damping of noises and vibration are achieved. Moreover plastic materials could also be corrosion resistant and self-lubricated.

Design freedom

Plastic semi-finished materials are available in a wide range of shapes and colors. Moreover thanks to the possibilities of the CNC machining, almost every need and dream can be satisfied.

Longer product life

Whether talking about rope, gear or chain, all these components will benefit to the great properties of the plastic counterpart. They will have a longer lifetime and a less expensive maintenance will be required time after time.

Evolution of Engineering Plastic

When we deal with engineering plastic we talk about a young story. Compared to aluminum or iron it was not long time ago, February 28th 1935 to be exact, when Nylon was produced for the first time. Since that date everything changed. Starting from components for steel industry, which substituted metal parts during 70s, through synthetic sheaves for cranes in 80s, to nowadays complex shaped parts in high performance material for aerospace and medical surgery, engineering plastic surrounds us.


The first example of Nylon was produced at DuPont’s Research Facility.


Roy J. Plankett accidentally discover PTFE while working in New Jersey for DuPont’s.


DuPont completed construction of a plant to produce its own version of Acetal resin (POM) named Delrin.

Why you should choose Engineering Plastic

Engineering plastic is our future. Plastics are becoming increasingly popular in machined and plant construction as designed engineers recognize their properties and economic significance.

The main advantages of engineering plastic in comparison to conventional metals are: weight reduction, resistance to wear, good vibration absorption and good machinability. Moreover their high level of chemical resistance, the increasing thermal stability and improved recycling possibilities are further positive factors which influences the choice of engineering plastic.

What D.H. Lamina can do for you?

When world goes against plastic and categorize it as an issue we, in D.H. Lamina, still consider it as a solution. In D.H. Lamina you can find a reliable partner with a long-time experience in engineering plastic sector, with a deep passion in applications and sustainability.