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PEEK GF30 (Polyether ether ketone filled 30% Glass Fibre)

Polyether ether ketone filled 30% glass fibre, which we call PEEK GF30, is an high performance thermo-plastic material with an outstanding mechanical resistance and incredible rigidity.



Compared to base polymer PEEK, or the same polymer filled with other fibres, such as, for example polyether ether ketone filled carbon fibres, PEEK GF30 offers its best performance in static applications, where a high load capacity is needed. In addition to that, glass fibre assures a better resistance at really high temperatures and an amazing dimensional stability – in fact moisture absorption and thermal dilatation are almost zero.

Another advantage you can take is its chemical resistance: polyether ether ketone filled glass fibre 30% resists to hydrolysis in boiling water and superheated steam. Moreover, it can assure a great resistance to radiation.

On the opposite side, polyether ether ketone filled glass fibre is absolutely not recommended for sliding applications, due to its glass fibres it can cause an abrasive effect on the counter part.


PEEK GF30: miscellaneous information.

Polyether ether ketone filled glass fibre is available in rods and sheets, usually in small dimensions. Its beige coloured and it is certified for Aerospace FAR 25.853 and OIl&Glass ISO 23936-1 and NORSOK-M-710.


PEEK GF30: most famous brand name.

We buy this high performance plastic material from the main producers in Europe and most famous brand names are:

  • Tecapeek GF30;
  • Sustapeek GF30;
  • Ketron GF30 PEEK;
  • Zellamid 1500 XGF30.

Special properties:

  • Good chemical resistance;
  • Improved toughness;
  • Inherent flame retardant;
  • Hydrolysis and superheated steam resistant;
  • Very high stiffness;
  • Very high creep resistant;
  • Resistance against high energy radiation;
  • High dimensional stability.

Used in:

  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Oil and gas industry;
  • Chemical technology;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Vacuum technology;
  • Aircraft and aerospace technology.


  • Seals;
  • Rings;
  • Components for aircrafts.