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PA12G (Polyamide 12 Cast)

Polyamide 12 Cast, better known as PA12G, is a beige coloured, firm, homogeneous, stress-relieved cast polyamide, manufactured from the raw material laurinlactam based on the anoinic reaction in the unpressurized casting process. The process produces a material with high molecular weight that is highly crystalline and largely stress-free, which gives PA12G outstanding properties compared to other polyamides.


PA12G, due to the highly crystalline molecular structure, can count on superior properties compared to those of conventional polyamides. The properties typical for polyamides and appreciated by users are thus mostly retained, for example wear resistance and abrasion resistance and the good sliding properties, and are further supported by the special molecular structure.

The main difference to the conventional polyamides is considered to be the tough material characteristics. PA12G exhibits a hardness which is essential for many technical applications, without becoming brittle and breakable. At the same time a high degree of toughness is assured.

A furthe rimportant feature is the low moisture absorption from ambient air. Swelling, which is common to polyamides due to moisture from environment, is minimised, and the dimentional stability of engineered parts is considerably improved. Where Polyamide 12 Cast is used, dimensional chages due to moisture absorption can even be ignored, since in normal climate conditions 23/50° C it absorbs maximum 0,9% moisture and only 1,5% to saturation in water. It is also used in many technical applications where hardness is a prioority without becoming brittle and prone to breakage. At the same time a high toughness is assured. Furthermore the loss of rigidity due to moisture absorption is insignificant.

Thus, PA12G is extremely suitable for engineered components for which the special properties of polyamide are essential and long term stability is required.

Creep resistance is improved and higher elasticity and wear resistance increase. Furthermore their excellent mechanical damping qualities and high degree of toughness even at low temperatures are impressive.

Chemical resistance.

PA12G offers also a good chemical resistance against weak acids and alkalis as well as all conventional organic and inorganic bases. It is resistant to hydrocarbons (such as Petrol), oils, fats, esters, ketones and ether. It resists to trichlorethylene, carbon tetrachloride, methylene chloride, Fringe and Freon too.

It is suitable to work submerged into sea water and n contact with chloroform, ethanol and methanol. Alcohols are largely indifferent and it can also resist to mineral acids in low concentrations. There may be slight discoloration on the acetic acid, phenols, cresols, glycols and benzyl alcohol, especially at high temperatures.

Miscellaneous information.

Our Polyamide 12 Cast is FDA approved and can also be certified according EC 1935/2004, EC 2023/2006 and EU 10/2011.

PA12G most famous brand name.

Polyamide 12 cast, usually available in rods, tubes and plates, also in huge dimensions (up to Ø1500 and tk.500 mm), is produced by different Companies, each one with its own commercial name. Although that, each PA12G has more less the same characteristics and can easily substitute one each other.

Most famous brand names are:

  • Linnotam® HiPerformance;
  • Zellamid® 1200;
  • Lamigamid® 1200;
  • Sustamid® 12G.

PA12G in few words.

Special properties:

  • Extremely low water absorption;
  • Excellet dimensional stability and stable mechanical characteristics;
  • Execellent damping of mechanical vibrations;
  • High toughness at temperature as los as -50°C;
  • Very good wear resistance;
  • Very good friction and dry running properties;
  • Low specific weight;
  • Good chemical and hydrolysis resistance;
  • Resistant to stress cracking.

Used in:

  • Conveyor;
  • Drive engineering;
  • Off-shore.


  • Sliding parts;
  • Wear components;
  • Ball bearing races;
  • Friction bearings;
  • Bogies;
  • Wheels;
  • Gears.