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HD-PE (High Density Polyethylene)

Polyethylene 300, better known as HD-PE (High Density) is a thermoplastic material with a semi-crystalline structure. It can be used in various applications and, for this reason, is highly appreciated on the market. Although that, its mechanical resistance is lower compared to other materials and moreover, it is not suitable at high temperature.


High Density Polyethylene has a density of 0,96 g/cm³ and a medium molar mass around 300.000 g/mol. This kind of PE is very suitable for welding. However it is not abrasion resistant and has low strength values. This leads to a high level of sliding abrasion, which excluded its use in sliding application.

As a general rule, no PE types are resistant to UV rays. This does not apply to the black coloured tyoes, which are resistant to UV rays also in combination with atmospheric oxygen.

All PE types are rated as normal flammable. Then the source of ignition is removed they continue to burn and form droplets. However, apart from carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water, only small quantities of carbon black and molecular constituents of the plastic develop as conflagration gases. The oxygen index (the oxygen concentration required for combustion) at 18% is low compared to other plastics.

Chemical resistance.

PE-HD is resistant to acids, alkaline solutions, salts and salt solutions, alcohols, oils fats, waxes and many solvents. Aromatics and halogenated hydrocarbons cause swelling. All PE types are not resistant to strong oxidising materials (such as nitric acid, chromic acid or halogens) and there is a danger of stress corrosion cracking.

Miscellaneous information.

PE-HD can be considered as a Food Grade material and so FDA approved and compliant to EC1935/2004, EC 2023/2006 and EU 10/2011.

HD-PE most famous brand name.

High Density Polyethylene is usually available in rods and plates, it is the cheapest version of PE family and it has produced by a large number of Companies.

Most famous brand name are:

  • Polystone® G;
  • Tecafine® PE300.

HD-PE in few words.

Special properties:

  • Average molecular weight 300.000 g/mol;
  • Excellent chemical resistance;
  • Heat stabilized;
  • Good machinability;
  • High stiffness;
  • High toughness;
  • Easy weldable.

Used in:

  • Electroplating industry;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Chemical apparatus construction;
  • Food industry.


  • Fittings;
  • Inserts;
  • Component parts in chemical equipment design.