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PA66 GF30 (Extruded Polyamide 66 filled with 30% Glassfibre)

Polyamide 66 filled with 30% Glassfibre, better known as PA66 GF30, is an extruded polyamide, which is usually required in specific and critical situation and where a reinforced PA66 is needed.


This material offers higher strength, rigidity, creep strength and dimensional stability. Tensile and compressive strength are also improved. Compared to unreinforced PA 66, the properties of this glass filled modification make this material suitable for use in parts that are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature conditions.

We suggest not to use it for sliding application, because due to glass fibres it tends in some cases to have an abrasive effect.

PA66 GF30, thanks to its black colour, shows improved UV protection for outdoor weather resistance applications.

Chemical resistance.

About its chemical resistance, PA66 GF30 is comparable to PA66. You can notice more accurate info on its specific page.

Miscellaneous information.

This glass filled material is a quite expensive solution for machined components, due to it abrasive effect also on tools. This is why we suggest to check with our experts if you really need GF30 properties.

PA66 GF30 most famous brand name.

Extruded Polyamide 66 filled with 30% Glassfibre is usually available in rods and plates under a certain diameter and thickness. Production is made out by by different Companies, each one with its own commercial name. Although that, each PA66 has more less the same characteristics and can easily substitute one each other.

Most famous brand names are:

  • Zellamid® 250 GF30;
  • Sustamid® 66 GF30;
  • Ertalon® 66 GF30;
  • Tecamid® 66 GF30.

PA66 GF30 in few words.

Special properties:

  • Good toughness;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Very good strength and hardness;
  • Very high heat deflection temperature;
  • Lower water absorption.

Used in:

  • General Machine Building;
  • Electronics;
  • Construction;
  • Mining.


  • Wear components;
  • Load plates;
  • Machined parts where high temperature is required.