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PEEK SL (Polyether ether ketone filled solid lubricants)

Polyether ether ketone filled solid lubricants, also known as PEEK SL, is a black colour thermoplastic material with a superior performance when excellent sliding properties and wear resistance are required.

PEEK SL is the result of standard PEEK filled 10% PTFE, 10% graphite and 10% carbon fibre (percentage could change depending on the producer).


PEEK-SL main properties.

Polyether ether ketone filled GRAPHITE, PTFE and CARBON FIBERS is an ultra high performance bearing material that incorporates the main properties of vergin PEEK, with a superior quality additives thought to improve wear resistance. This PEEK modified increase temperature range approximately 4°C and increases the limiting PV too, while maintaining excellent chemical resistance.

Thanks to its tribological properties, it is ideal for dry use or for components born to be used in critical environments. It is ideally suited for technical bearing and wear applications.


Miscellaneous information.

PEEK-SL is available upon request and only in black colour.


Most famous brand name.

Polyether ether ketone filled solid lubricant is produced in rods, tubes and sheets by a short number of companies. Most famous brand name are:

  • Sustapeek mod.;
  • Tecapeek PVX;
  • Ketron PEEK HPV;
  • Zellamid 1500 XT.


In few words.

Special properties:

  • Good dimensional stability;
  • Excellent sliding and abrasion behaviour;
  • Hardly inflammable;
  • Self-extinguishing;
  • Very low smoke density;
  • Very high resistance to high-energy radiation;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Optimised balance of stiffness, tensile strength and impact strength;
  • Low creep tendency;
  • Very high continuous service temperature;
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • High dimensional stability under heat.

Used in:

  • Materials handling industry;
  • Electrical industry;
  • Medical engineering;
  • Aerospace industry;
  • Chemical engineering.


  • Bushings;
  • Seals;
  • Bearings;
  • Sliding plates.