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IndustryFood Processing
DescriptionApple holder
Material:POMC FG (Blue RAL 5002)
Machining method:Milling

Item Description

D.H. Lamina is specialised in supplying components intended to come into contact with food stuffs. In this case study, customer replaced a metal part, with a safe component made of Food Grade POM-C, in BLUE colour. From our side, we assure the complete traceability of the process and also the compliance with EU 10/2011 and FDA too.

Food Processing

Our health depends on the choices we make and this is why you must pay attention to identify the correct plastic materials for food processing industry and a supplier to trust in. D.H. Lamina focuses on the full compliance of food regulations, as declared and explained in our page Quality – EC2023/2006 and which we invite you to visit. No matter which kind of food you need to process: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits or grains, we are here to support you in the correct choice of the most suitable plastic materials, more convenient machining and full compliance of regulations.

5-Axis milling

The internal sphere, so the most important side of this component, is realized thanks to our 5-axis technology.

EU 10/2011 and FDA compliant

Not only the semi-finished material but the component itself is certified for food contact.  

Symmetrical component

Thanks to our technicians and our software, the symmetrical component is ad hoc produced to guarantee a perfect apple holding.

Thank you for your interest, thank you for choosing D.H. Lamina.

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