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FOCUS: Manufacturing Execution System & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0? MES? MRP? ERP?

Different acronyms to reach the goal and become a Smart Factory.

But what do they mean? And what D.H. Lamina did to win the challenge?

From January 2020 all our Production Lines (turning machines, milling machines and all CNC in general) will be completely linked to a central computerised system. According Industry 4.0 standards, thank to this massive job, we will be able to catch a huge amount of data, which will give us numerous feedbacks and they will help us to develop a continual improvement.

Data themselves will not obviously “make the difference”. D.H. Lamina also invested in a new MES (Manufacturing Execution System), a software that, mixing these data, between the various functions it has, will help us to collect correct machining times, schedule in the most appropriate way production commitments and calculate the real lead time for each item we actually supply.

It is not all. With the same software we will be able also to use a new MRP (Material Requirements Planning) which will help us to accurately plan and receive semi-finished materials and components in general exactly when we need them.

At the end: MES and MRP will be linked to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which has been working since 2007.

Choosing D.H. Lamina means make the correct choice about reliability, quality, competence, price, service and now also about computerisation: a customer- and future-oriented Company, born in the past but ready for tomorrow.

Contact our experts to find out more about our road to Industry 4.0 and how we implemented a new MES through our production.


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