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D.H. LAMINA Your supplier of Technical Parts made of Engineering Plastic since 1982. Find out more MACHINED PARTS Advanced knwoledge of technologies and processes of plastic. We supply machined parts obtained from milling, turning, drilling, etc. Find out more High standars of QUALITY Certified Quality System according ISO 9001:2015. Our Company satisfies the highest levels of quality, from sales service to production processes. Find out more Good manufacturing practises for FOOD CONTACT MATERIALS We are able to handle our production processes in compliance with EC 2023/2006. Find out more

High Technology Factory

& Environment Friendly

High Standard Labors

99% QC Passed

High OEE Level

All machines connected in 4.0

D.H. Lamina

Supply security, quality, cost, technology and sustainability. These are the main values which lead D.H Lamina, an Italian producer of finished components made of engineering plastic materials, through its everyday work.

A lot of time has passed since when plastic materials were only a cheap and unknown solution, and D.H. Lamina, with its 40-years-history, has always been there. We have been seeing all evolutions, lived every changes and defeat every difficult time. But lets start from the beginning.

We can supply components certified for Food Contact, in compliance with FDA and EU 10/2011.

Market Sectors

Machined plastic for aerospace

When the spotlight is on sustainability, D.H. Lamina is the best partner you can find to build your own ‘’green trail’’ with plastic materials, ad hoc studied for aerospace industry. 

Machined plastic for agriculture

Our aim, as a company specialized in the production of finished components made of engineering plastic materials, is to guarantee the continuity and development of a very important sector: agriculture.

machined plastic for automotive

Behind the scenes of huge car producer companies, a world made of maintenance machines plays a critical role and if you are looking for an affordable supplier of plastic materials for automotive, you can count on us. D.H. Lamina supplies since years the most important Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as tyre and garage equipment.

Machined plastic for construction

If you are looking for an experienced and quality partner which can supply plastic materials for cranes, industrial vehicles and hoist equipment in general, you can trust D.H. Lamina.

Machined plastic for food processing

Food Processing

Our health depends on the choices we make and this is why you must pay attention to identify the correct plastic materials for food processing industry and a supplier to trust in. D.H. Lamina focuses on the full compliance of food regulations, as declared and explained in our page Quality – EC2023/2006 and which we invite you to visit.

Machined plastic for industrial market

Plastic materials can be found in almost every industrial application and not only in listed market sectors. In addition to our standard products portfolio, we are able to realize whatever shape required by our customers, even if the request comes from sectors where our knowledge is not so huge.

Machined plastic for material handling

Far away from the spotlights there is an important business sector that is much more relevant than it seems. We are talking about a branch of the logistic industry: material handling. If you are looking for plastic materials for material handling you can count on our quality.

Machined plastic for packaging

Market expectations are everyday higher and important market sectors such as packaging, filling and labelling require an extensive effort to always supply cost-effective components, with zero-mistake policy and with just-in-time deliveries. If you are a Packaging Industry looking for an affordable partner for your components made of plastic materials, you are in the right place.

machined plastic for pharma and medical

According our long time experience there are only few things that we consider really important for our lives and we are glad to affirm that we are supplier of plastic components for pharma and medical industry.

machined plastic for pumps and valves

Worldwide necessities to move and divert liquids or fluids have created a huge expansion of a crucial market sector: we are talking about pumps and valves industry, where we are specialized in supplying components made of plastic materials.

Machined plastic for waste technology

Cities are the mirror of the society. A well-organized city is the result of various combinations and waste management is one of the most important issue. In D.H. Lamina we supply a full range of components made of plastic materials for waste technology, to most important Italian and European producer.

Career & Jobs

Working at D.H. Lamina means being able to commit resolutely to one thing and growing from it. As an individual and as a whole – in a family enterprise that creates fascinating products around the industry. Once you experience it, you’ll want to stay.